Founded in 1987, Shiv Diamonds is well established name in diamond manufacturing and diamond studded gold jewelry. With designs available from simple classic jewelry to more designer jewelry styles, we have made many of our customers dream come true. Its beautiful to fulfil someone dream and touching their heart with Gift they want to give to their loved ones.

Shiv Diamonds has expertise in cutting raw diamonds to beautiful shiny diamonds. For 25 years, we have done manufacturing of diamond cutting in any shape and any size. Since 2004, we have started planning on making diamond jewelry for International market and done extensive research and marketing promotions to build Customers Trust on us. Today, we are crafting new designs for our customers and have build the technical expertice to make those designs in a to reality.


To satisfy all of our clients on each and every need of their customers. Providing excellent designer jewelry at extremely low price for our customers. Giving utmost friendly and courteous environment for our employees to deliver on those demands.


We want to satisfy all of our customers through:

        Bringing all the latest designs in the World at extremely competitive prices.

        Timely Delivery of the Products.

        Solving customer queries in 24 hours.


We work on each and every process of the manufacturing cycles with utmost accuracy and responsibly. It has been a very complex process involving fitting one in million diamond in to a precious metal, which can be worn for years to come for your loved ones. We want our customers to feel the jewelry as part of their love.


include diamond studded fashion jewelry at incredibly low price. We specialize in a collection of delicate engagement rings, weddings bands, hoop earrings, chandeliers, bracelets, bangle and pendants. Whether your style is sweet or sophisticated, traditional or modern, there is something for everyone in our dazzlingly diverse collection.


There has been drastic lifestyle change in all sections of the society. People started cutting on their expenses and started to look out for good alternative fashion jewelry. The biggest challenge confront against us was to bring down the cost of the jewelry we make for the customers.

        From the management team of the company, biggest challenge was to keep the inventory low. Inventory of loose diamond has to be minimum to keep us safe in the depreciating market sentiments.

        We can make all custom designs for our clients with the budget they specify. We can convert the same designs in to the specific sieve size diamond stock our clients have, which helps to reduce the diamond inventory in the depreciating loose diamond market sentiments. It can reduce the Capital company employs in the business.   


Registered Office : Shiv Diamonds 6/570 Galemandir Motisheri, Mahidharpura, Surat, Gujarat, 395003 INDIA.

Factory Location : Jalaram Bhavan, 6/1791 Maniyarasheri no khancho, Mahidharpura, Surat, Gujarat 395003 INDIA.

USA Office : Shiv Diamonds Inc. 62 West 47th Street, Suite 1603A, New York, NY 10036.